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Picture: Sinuhé Castelo/aet

Sinuhé Castelo, a Master student at the Professorship for Bioprocess Engineering, recently joined the start-up AquaEthanol Technologies (AET) in the role of a co-founder. AET is a young start-up based in Kenya and Germany that focuses its business model on producing biofuels from alternative cellulosic biomaterials. At its core, AET seeks to utilize an invasive aquatic plant in Lake Victoria (water hyacinth) and, through a biotransformation process, ultimately to produce bioethanol in a cost-efficient manner. This project not only aims to solve a current environmental issue that impacts socially and economically in Africa, but also contributes to the development of the local bioeconomy in the Straubing region due to new strategic partnerships being established for the development of this technology.

Professor Michael Zavrel: “I am very proud that our Master student Sinuhé becomes co-founder of this exciting start-up. I wish him and AET a successful start and a lot of success!” The Professorship actively supports and encourages its students to take part in the creation and development of biotech projects that aim to solve modern problems in a sustainable and innovative fashion. In this way, the Professorship wants to serve as a platform for future innovative biotech ideas and to contribute to their commercialization.