Head of Professorship

Portrait Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Zavrel
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Zavrel

Head of Professorship

Tel.: +49 (0) 9421 187-440
Mail: michael.zavrel@tum.de

TUM Campus Straubing
Uferstraße 53
94315 Straubing

Uferstraße 53, Room: 02.3505.115

Career positions
Since 06/2022
W3 Professor for Bioprocess Engineering, Technical University of Munich, Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability
04/2021 – 02/2022
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, Site Manager for Clariant’s Biotech Center in Planegg
01/2018 – 03/2022
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, Group Biotechnology, Head of Development and Biomanufacturing
01/2013 – 12/2017
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, Group Biotechnology, Department Head “Fermentation & Bioprocesses”
07/2012 – 12/2012
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, Group Biotechnology, Group Leader “Adsorption & Downstream Processing“
04/2010 – 06/2012
Süd-Chemie AG, Corporate Research and Development, Group Leader “Adsorption & Downstream Processing“
12/2008 – 03/2010
Süd-Chemie AG, Corporate Research and Development, Scientist “Adsorption & Downstream Processing“
09/2005 – 11/2008
RWTH Aachen, AVT, Chair for Biochemical Engineering (Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Büchs), Dissertation “Model-based experimental analysis of enzyme kinetics in aqueous-organic biphasic systems“
10/2000 – 05/2005
Technical University of Munich, Chemical Engineering
11/2004 – 05/2005
Diploma thesis: “Optimization of the polymerase chain reaction by modulating the melting point of DNA“, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg
04/2004 – 09/2004
Semester thesis: “Microbreaking waves and their effect on mass transfer“, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
10/2003 – 03/2004
Semester thesis: “Modeling a two-step repeated-fed-batch-process: for the microbial conversion of glycerol to dihydroxyacetone using Gluconobacter oxydans“, Technical University of Munich
Borchers Badge from RWTH Aachen University
Jürgen Manchot Award from the Technical University of Munich
Participation at the 18th Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau


Professorship Bioprocess Engineering

Uferstraße 53
94315 Straubing


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Zavrel

Tel.: +49 (0) 9421 187-440
Mail: michael.zavrel@tum.de


Nadine Piendl

Tel.: +49 (0) 9421 187-441
Mail: nadine.piendl@tum.de