Synergy Fuels

Photo: Jan Winter/TUM

The Professorship for Bioprocess Engineering is excited to announce its involvement in the “Synergy Fuels” project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV). A variety of professorships at TUM Campus Straubing are involved in the project, as well as several research institutes and companies, with the overall aim to develop renewable biofuels.

The Professorship for Bioprocess Engineering is involved in the production of isobutanol as an intermediate product of the “Synergy Fuels” project. Jennifer Borger, a doctoral student, focuses specifically on the microbiological production of isobutanol from industrial waste streams and the scale up of the related bioprocesses. The production process will be developed through conceptual design and lab scale experiments and then scaled up to a demonstration plant size of 25 m3. This isobutanol will then be further converted by another project partner, with the end goal for use as a “drop in” biofuel in transportation applications, specifically those that are difficult to electrify.